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Stubshaw Cross Heritage Garden

The aim of our organisation is to restore a small plot of land, which for years has been neglected. The land was, at one time, a small garden. This was planted with trees, bushes and flowers. For years it has had no maintenance, the result is a mass of overgrown vegetation. In restoring this area of land to a heritage garden it is hoped that residents will gain an increased awareness and involvement in the heritage of our community.

Community Involvement

The garden will be used as a starting point for a heritage trail and a historical record of the culture and heritage of our community. The project is not only a physical restoration of neglected land but is linked to a sequence of activities promoting heritage, culture and civic pride in our community. This Web site is a part of the process.We are pleased to say that the interviews with many people of all ages regarding the restoration of the garden have resulted in a very positive response.

Stubshaw Cross Heritage Garden - the cross


Park Regeneration

This has been a great success with many people of all ages making use of the facilities including small childrens’ play area and a multi-sports area.

Heritage Garden

The garden has been completed, replacing what had become an eyesore with a place for people to enjoy.

Starting point

The garden had been negelected for over 30 years and had become completely overgrown and full of litter. The entrance and surrounding walls were damaged, the area had become covered with brambles and a number of small trees had grown. The area had become an eyesore.

Clearing the garden

In the second week of May 2009 the area was fenced off and the area completely cleared. Many of the features present in the original plan were to be used in the new layout.

Foundations and the wall

After the garden had been cleared the foundations were laid. A pressed concrete base was used for the area around the cross.
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